History & Leadership
World Ministry Fellowship
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History & Leadership

Executive Summary

World Ministry Fellowship was established in 1963 and now includes over 650 Christian ministers and churches in the United States and approximately 5,000 worldwide. These amazing ministers reflect a wide variety of services to their communities - pastors, missionaries, teachers, medical clinics, churches, Bible schools and seminaries, universities, ministry training programs, military chaplains, hospital and hospice chaplains, humanitarian outreach emergency services, orphanages, schools, occupational training programs and much, much more. World Ministry Fellowship provides ministerial credentials, ministerial oversight, fellowship, and professional development of these many world-changing ministries.

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Statement of Faith can be found here.

Executive Board & Executive Director

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The Ladies Executive Board is made up of the spouses of the Executive Board.

Emeritus Board
David Bentley - Member Since 1978
Mike Clark - Member Since 1977
Charles Rogers - Member Since 1963
Dottie Clark - Member Since 1977
Jean Counts - Member Since 1976
Barbara Walsworth - Member Since 1978
Marty Adams - Member Since 1994
Advisory Board
Dwayne Lusk - Chairman
Jim Borchert - Assistant Chairman
Terri Clark - Secretary
Robert Brown
Catherine Hough
William Lentz
Rafael Arce
Debra Barber
John Chasteen
Dale Leander
Eric Peterson
Ministry Credentials Council
David Halvorson - Chairman
Gina Burk -Vice Chairman
Kevin McMullen
Roosevelt Henry
Paul Freeman
Kendall Hetrick
James Barber
Kent Darr
Samuel Priddy
Joe Beasley
Kris Swenson
Earl Faust
Missions Board
Darrell Sutton - Director of International Missions
Terri Clark - Assistant Director of International Missions
Robert Mawire
Dwayne Lusk
Mathew Kuruvilla
Norma Arce
Jim McCool
Charles Rogers
State Directors
Arkansas - Philip Pardue
California - Randy Bunch
Colorado - Darrell Sutton
Connecticut - Don Kimball
Florida - Norma Arce
Hawaii - Alfred Lopez
Illinois - Kendall Hetrick
Indiana - Kendall Hetrick
Iowa - Gerald Knock
Kansas - Phil Ellsworth
Kentucky - Gary Brown
Louisiana - Buddy Davis
Maine - Don Kimball
Maryland - Kris Swenson
Massachusetts - Don Kimball
Michigan - Ron Earl
Mississippi - Pat Bruce
Missouri - Brian Sharp
Montana - Owen Childers
Nebraska - Darrell Sutton
New Jersey - Joseph DeAngelo
New York - Benjamin Ytac
North Carolina - Ken Koontz
Ohio - Joe Beasley
Oklahoma - Dale Leander
Oregon - Larry Rail
Rhode Island - Don Kimball
South Dakota - Greg Hayes
Texas (Central)
Texas (Gulf Coast) - Ken Bostrom
Texas (Northeast) - Paul Freeman
Texas (Northwest) - David Halvorson
Texas (South)
Texas (South Central) - Arlen Reese
Texas (Southeast) - Earl Faust
Virginia - Kris Swenson
West Virginia - Joe Beasley
Wisconsin - Jim Beck
Wyoming - Darrell Sutton

Assistant State Directors
Arkansas - Terri Clark
Indiana - James Thurston
Missouri - Vernon Leighty
Oklahoma - Rob Shoemaker