April 2017

Our History Together is Important

This weekend I had the opportunity to hear stories from an older pioneer of the faith. The context was just simple conversation around a large family dinner, but my heart was moved.
Spiritual things can be a challenge to describe with words, but my heart came alive as I listened to these amazing God stories. This man's story bore witness with my own. As the evening progressed, our stories wove together to form a testimony of how God brought him, and later myself and others at the table as well, into an understanding of the things of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
Over time, God had orchestrated events so that this seasoned saint could experience the moving of the Holy Spirit through the ministries of Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman and John Wimber. It was through exposure to the presence of God in these ministries and others, that he received an impartation from heaven. What he caught (the impartation he received) in these meetings spread to his church as well, and the kingdom grew. That is how these things work.
I never tire of hearing how God moves, because this has become my story as well. People who received the things of God ahead of me, shared God's goodness with me and I received from what they experienced. I am the fruit of my predecessor's harvest, the product of their faithfulness to pursue and then share the things of God.
I have heard it said that sharing our testimony gives God opportunity to do for others what he has done for us.
As we share what God has done in our own lives, we create community and relationship with those of like precious faith, both with those who have gone ahead, and those who will eventually follow - perhaps because of our testimony.
This fellowship around the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the faithfulness of God is what created World Ministry Fellowship in the first place. It is still the most important thing that we do.
World Ministry Fellowship - Better Together
Abundant Blessings,
Tim McKitrick
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