Announcing Important Additions to Convocation 2019

Convocation this year is shaping up to be an exceptional event, with a number of important additions for 2019. We have been working to add opportunities for our members to connect with professional development and ministry resources that will help them stay up to date and refreshed for ministry.

Dr. Jon Chasteen, President of The King’s University at Gateway and Lead Pastor of Victory Church in Oklahoma City will speak Wednesday evening and Thursday morning following the Missions Panel discussion.

We are adding a special Men's Conversation with Bill Baker during the Women’s Thursday afternoon meeting.

Our very own Pastor Terry Marris, Senior Pastor of Grace Church in Del Rio, TX, will speak Thursday evening for our WMF International Missions Night.

WMF Executive Board member and Founding Pastor of House of Worship in Owings Mills, MD Pastor Fiifi Pentsil, will speak Friday morning.

There will be a number of special break-out sessions to enjoy the Friday of Convocation as well.
Leadership Development I – Dr. John Thompson – 9:00 Friday Morning
Emotional Health and Ministry – Bill Buker – 9:00 Friday Morning

Leadership Development II – Dr. John Thompson – 2:00 Friday Afternoon
World Ministry Practicum – Dr. Paul Freeman – 2:00 Friday Afternoon

The Ordination Service will be added to our updated Friday Night Banquet and will honor not only those being ordained, but also those being licensed by WMF this year as well. This will be a Holy and special time together as we wind up our week together in God’s presence.

We are praying for God’s special touch on these events and ask you to pray with us concerning these things.

Please register now and make plans to attend these important meetings.

See you there!

Dr. Tim McKitrick
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