November 2017

God’s Principle of Healthy Abundance – proper use leads to healthy increase and growth.

God intends for healthy bodies to grow, prosper and reproduce. That includes you, your family, your business, your ministry, and World Ministry Fellowship.

In the parable of the talents, God reveals his intent that we increase by our good stewardship. “For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance” (Matt 25:29).

For years I only heard the negative aspects of this parable, the “use it or lose it” side of the message – which is also true. But by so doing, I missed Jesus’ revelation of his Father’s heart, and ended up more in fear than faith. I missed the point that God intended for me to increase! By implementing God’s principles of healthy sowing and reaping, God wants us to expect growth, harvest and increase. I believe this applies not only to finances, but also to the gifts, the anointing, and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

I grew up on the farm, and no farmer would expect to harvest crops in the fall that they did not plant in the springtime. Who would think of such a thing? Farmers know they must get that seed properly planted in the spring if they are to expect a harvest and its resulting increase of that seed in the fall. Good farmers rely on the laws of sowing and reaping.

We can see from this line of thought that the key to increase is in the proper use of our resources. Let’s put what we have in our hand to work - Our gifts, our revelations, and our finances. We in the church should be the first to expect a harvest from God on the good seed we have planted through the years. It is right to expect healthy increase from God on those things over which we have stewardship. Be encouraged, its harvest time in the Kingdom of God!

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, it is important that we be thankful for the amazing things God has done, and is doing in our midst. I am thankful that our fellowship is filled with the kindest and most generous people on the planet. Please join me in sending a huge thank you to those who supported the hurricane relief efforts this year. Your generosity resulted in many people giving thanks to God for his help in times of trouble!

In light of these things, I would like to ask you to consider remembering World Ministry Fellowship in your year-end giving. Click here to give online. WMF is entering a new era of service to the Kingdom, and your giving can help us plant new crops in the year ahead.

Wishing you much joy in the journey,

Tim McKitrick
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