The Call To Maturity

The Call to Maturity
I have been reading Strengthen Yourself in the Lord by Bill Johnson and wanted to share this quote with you.
An invitation is before us. We are living in days of revival in which God is bringing wonderful times of refreshing to His Church and drawing the lost to taste His salvation through mighty acts of power. But through this extravagant outpouring of grace, the Father is hoping to woo a generation of His sons and daughters to embrace the call to maturity, the call to contend in His strength for the personal breakthroughs we need to carry greater measures of His Kingdom power and love to the world around us. This is the race set before us. May we be those who learn to bring strength to ourselves, that we might run with perseverance!
I believe this word could not be more appropriate for where we are in our society, our nation, and our fellowship – for the church, and you and me in particular, to embrace God’s call to maturity.
We must learn to strengthen ourselves in the Lord, to become mature self-feeders, and live refreshed in the Lord enough to minister the life of Christ to those around us. I do not want to be forced to attempt another ministry effort from an empty well (lived that way for a while and didn’t like it). I am not talking about the times when, after giving of ourselves greatly, we are asked to give even more. God honors and supports that type of effort. I am talking about when we live empty because of the daily decisions we make that preclude us from taking the quality time necessary to receive a fresh word from God.
God’s mercies are new every morning, and he wants to give us our daily bread. He wants us so full of his presence that when we are squeezed, all that comes out is Jesus, the fruit of a life filled with his Spirit.
I have found it challenging over the years, but I know I need to regularly eat at God’s table, so when an opportunity presents itself, I will be able to give to others that which I have received from the Lord. Not that I have attained my goal, but I choose to pursue maturity in Christ.
Likewise, I believe we must work toward making WMF a fellowship that creates life giving content to help people encourage themselves in the Lord and grow. I will be sharing more about this in the weeks and months ahead.
This is why our theme for our NE Regional Event is Preparing Our Nets, and why I will be sharing on Communications, Media, and Building a Platform for Discipleship. Please pray about attending this event, you will receive greatly from Dr John Chasteen and Pastor Fiifi Pentsel - click here to register.
I have decided to accept God’s invitation to regularly dine with him, I hope you will too!
Tim McKitrick
PS. Terri Clark’s new book Fanning the Flame: Reigniting Your Faith in God speaks to this very theme of avoiding and/or overcoming Spiritual Burnout. You can preorder here….it should be out soon!

Hurricane Harvey

At the time I’m writing this Hurricane Harvey has swept across Texas and is working its way across the southeastern U.S. leaving a path of destruction and massive flooding in its wake.  And, by the time you read this, Hurricane Irma may have done something similar. 
As you have already been informed via email, Facebook, website, etc., World Ministry Fellowship has a Hurricane Assistance Fund to help those in our fellowship, as well as possibly others outside of WMF.  When Hurricane Katrina hit several years ago we were able to help several at that time, similarly we reactivated this special fund to do the same now.
When we refer to ourselves as “WMF family” we try to back up our words with action.  It is hard to express the helpless feeling you get when faced with the nearly overwhelming task of managing clean-up, displacement, replacement, rebuild, insurance claims, etc., etc. But when you have God to cast all your care on and a good faith family to back you up, the burden is lightened and encouragement comes. That’s one of the greatest blessings of being a part of the Body of Christ.  We are not alone!
One more thing to consider – as the news cycle moves onto other stories that make big headlines, the long, tedious process of clean-up and restoration will continue on for many months, even years in many cases.  We must remember to keep on praying and even giving monetary gifts to help those who continue in this process. 
Here in Missouri where I live, we have had four floods in the last eight years so we know a little about these things, but our experience pales in comparison to what has occurred in Texas and other places as a result of Hurricane Harvey.  Storms in this life (even literal ones!) should cause us to simply look to our God who is able to “do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). And one way He does that is to reminds us…
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  -Philippians 4:6-7
Now, that’s the best way to calm the storm, no matter how big!
-Brian Sharp
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