Your Personal Invitation - Meet Me in St. Louis!

World Ministry Fellowship is not only a wonderful credentialing organization, it is first and foremost a fellowship!

It is important, especially in today’s fast paced society, to take time to refuel, to connect both with God and with each other. In light of these things, we have been setting up regional events like the one coming up on April 13-14, 2018 in St Louis Missouri. We are still receiving testimonies of how incredibly powerful our regional event in the Northeast was last fall, and we are expecting this one to be even more so.

I am asking you to make every effort to attend this very important and uplifting event. Come experience the presence of God and be refreshed!

Our speakers,
Terri Clark, Darrell Sutton, and Fiifi Pentsil, are praying for a word from God for you! Come expecting a touch from the Lord!

Click here for more information and to register. Please let us know you are planning to attend.

We look forward to meeting you in St Louis,

Tim McKitrick

Hope, Joy and a Small Request

Hope, Joy and a Small Request

I am excited! Why, you ask?

Because I have hope. Hope that God will cause 2018 to be a blessing to those who pursue Him.

Thank God, my hope and joy are not based on my circumstances, but on God’s promised faithfulness.

My hope rises from knowing God is good, and that it is his good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. It comes from knowing that Rom 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” To me, that means that even though our circumstances may be challenging, God is working on my behalf to make things better!

My hope also comes from knowing I am surrounded by amazing brothers and sisters in Christ, that I am part of a loving ministry fellowship. What we share in Christ and WMF is precious, let’s spread it around.

This morning I received word from a newer WMF member that three of his acquaintances have finished their applications for membership with more to follow. His passion for WMF is contagious!

People join WMF because their friends or acquaintances invite them – did someone invite you?

My request is simple. Please ask those you know in ministry with whom they are credentialed.

It has been my experience that many, especially those in ministry for years, are looking for what WMF has to offer. If they are interested, invite them to join us, invite them to contact the office or to go online and fill out an application.

Please share your hope in Christ and WMF, you might be surprised at what happens!

Let’s start 2018 with a growth spurt!

Tim McKitrick

December 2017

Integrity, Challenges and The Power of the Gospel

As I write this email, I have just finished spending a very challenging week in court on jury duty with a rather contentious case. In doing so, I was again reminded how thankful I am for the integrity of the people around me – my friends in the WMF Family.

I hope I can adequately describe how this challenging week has reminded me of the importance of what we are endeavoring to do at WMF – provide community and fellowship, credentials and oversight, professional development and empowerment.

The court case on which I served as juror showcased the effects a lack of positive influences, character and integrity can produce – personal challenges, divorce, bankruptcy, malice, hatred, accusations of embezzlement, fraud and a great deal of heartache – but we have something better to offer.

We have the answer to the challenges the world around us faces on a daily basis – a relationship with Jesus, and the abundant life he died to give us – righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit – regardless of the circumstances in which we may find ourselves.

I am so thankful to be part of a life-giving organization that promotes Christ and his Kingdom, and especially at this time of year. I pray God’s blessing on you and on everything you set your hand to accomplish.

Wishing all the friends in our World Ministry Fellowship great joy!

Merry Christmas!

Tim McKitrick

November 2017

God’s Principle of Healthy Abundance – proper use leads to healthy increase and growth.

God intends for healthy bodies to grow, prosper and reproduce. That includes you, your family, your business, your ministry, and World Ministry Fellowship.

In the parable of the talents, God reveals his intent that we increase by our good stewardship. “For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance” (Matt 25:29).

For years I only heard the negative aspects of this parable, the “use it or lose it” side of the message – which is also true. But by so doing, I missed Jesus’ revelation of his Father’s heart, and ended up more in fear than faith. I missed the point that God intended for me to increase! By implementing God’s principles of healthy sowing and reaping, God wants us to expect growth, harvest and increase. I believe this applies not only to finances, but also to the gifts, the anointing, and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

I grew up on the farm, and no farmer would expect to harvest crops in the fall that they did not plant in the springtime. Who would think of such a thing? Farmers know they must get that seed properly planted in the spring if they are to expect a harvest and its resulting increase of that seed in the fall. Good farmers rely on the laws of sowing and reaping.

We can see from this line of thought that the key to increase is in the proper use of our resources. Let’s put what we have in our hand to work - Our gifts, our revelations, and our finances. We in the church should be the first to expect a harvest from God on the good seed we have planted through the years. It is right to expect healthy increase from God on those things over which we have stewardship. Be encouraged, its harvest time in the Kingdom of God!

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, it is important that we be thankful for the amazing things God has done, and is doing in our midst. I am thankful that our fellowship is filled with the kindest and most generous people on the planet. Please join me in sending a huge thank you to those who supported the hurricane relief efforts this year. Your generosity resulted in many people giving thanks to God for his help in times of trouble!

In light of these things, I would like to ask you to consider remembering World Ministry Fellowship in your year-end giving. Click here to give online. WMF is entering a new era of service to the Kingdom, and your giving can help us plant new crops in the year ahead.

Wishing you much joy in the journey,

Tim McKitrick

October 2017

Last week I had the opportunity to accompany a few leaders from our church who attended the Worship and Leadership Conference at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. This was our third year to attend and we always come away feeling blessed, renewed and challenged personally, and for greater ministry.
Two days later Pam and I had the honor of attending the WMF Oklahoma State Meeting in Langley with pastor Jack Nester and State Director, Jim McCool. Although we were only able to attend Friday night, I can truly say we had an amazing time with WMF family and friends. For the second time in a week, we walked away refreshed, challenged and empowered having been in the presence of God and his children who are called into ministry.
My point is, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunities we have to get together with like-minded ministers, especially in our WMF family. As we share stories, Scripture, prayer, the Holy Spirit and a lot of hugs, God draws us together and makes us stronger. The Gateway conference had around 4,000 in attendance while the Oklahoma State meeting had about 35, but I have to say we were richly blessed at both. Numbers do not dictate the richness of fellowship and the freshness of rejuvenation. Our attitude and the presence of God are the deciding factors, and I must say the relationships we have in WMF are more precious and powerful as any in a larger setting!
Don’t get me wrong, we are certainly on track to grow WMF in numbers, which is high priority. However, it’s only by the Spirit of God guiding us and good relationships encouraging us that true God-driven growth happens. People are drawn to a fellowship, much like a church, who have good relationships as a priority. And, like a church, people may come the first time because of great preaching, but they will return and become an actual part because of relationships.
The Big God we serve is a relationship God. He places the highest of priorities on our relationship with Him, and by extension, relationships with His children. It’s that greatest commandment thing: “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart…soul…mind…and strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30, 31). When Jesus was asked for the greatest commandment, He felt compelled to quote two. Why? Because to God they are inseparable!
Continue to be in prayer for WMF and each other, as well as for all those affected by recent hurricanes, earthquakes, and the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. We certainly live in a crazy world, but all the more reason to let our light shine!
-Brian Sharp
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