The leadership of World Ministry Fellowship is made up of the various boards listed below. In order to serve on any of these boards, a person must have been a member for a period of one year and be in good standing.
The Executive Director is the Chief Operating Officer of WMF and has the responsibility of overseeing the International Office of WMF. The Executive Director is appointed by the Executive Board and continues to serve under its directions until such time as a successor may be appointed.
The Executive Branch of World Ministry Fellowship is the Executive Board. This board is the governing body of the Fellowship and renders final decisions in regard to all legislation submitted to it by the Advisory Board. The Executive Board serves in perpetuity so that it may be assured that WMF remains a fellowship in the true sense, rather than becoming a denomination. Vacancies on the Executive Board are filled by the Executive Board to insure like-mindedness in the perpetuation of the Fellowship.
The Ladies Executive Board is comprised of the wives of the Executive Board members. They are responsible for the Ladies Luncheon/Meeting at Convocation. They provide the guest speaker for this service and oversee the Special Missions Project each year. The officers and terms for the Ladies Executive Board are the same as the Executive Board.
An Emeritus Executive of World Ministry Fellowship has been established to honor retiring Executive Board members who have served for a minimum of ten years on the Executive Board and attained at least age 60. Lifetime membership to the Emeritus Executive Board is also provided for founders who have retired from World Ministry Fellowship.
This board has been established to honor wives of Executive Board members with a lifetime membership who have retired from the Ladies Executive Board. Ladies must have served at least 10 years on the Ladies Executive Board and attained at least 60 years of age.
The Advisory Board is the Legislative Body of this Fellowship. The twenty-one members are selected by the Advisory Board and approved by the Executive Board. The Advisors serve for a period of three years. To serve on the the Advisory Board a WMF member must have attended at least two Convocations. It is the duty of the Advisory Board to initiate legislation and make necessary amendments, which are submitted to the Executive Board for approval. The Advisory Board meets twice per year in January and July.
The Central Ordination Council meets in January of each year for their annual business meeting. They also meet the day before the Annual Convocation in July, at which time Applicants for License, Ordination and Christian Worker are interviewed for credentials. Only ordained WMF ministers can serve on the Central Ordination Council.
The International Missions Board is responsible for overseeing the Missionary Work of WMF. There are seven members comprised of the World Outreach Director (Chairman), African Director, Asian Director, Australian Director and Latin American Director. Membership on this board is perpetual. The Missions Board meets in one time per year. Special meetings may be called by a Mission Board member.
State Directors are responsible for the oversight and promotion of WMF in their individual state or region. They are required to hold local and/or regional meetings for ministry and fellowship. They are available to interview and approve new members coming into WMF.


The staff helps in the administrative duties of WMF. The offices of the staff members are located at the WMF International headquarters in Plano, Texas. Trina Freeman is currently the only staff member in the office and she is available to help or answer any questions you may have.
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