License to Preach

This category of membership is for those that have a call to the five-fold ministry and are not currently licensed through an organization or denomination. You will be required for one year to submit "90 Day Reports" of your ministry activity to an assigned Oversight Minister. After being "Licensed" for three years, you will be eligible to apply for Ordination through our fellowship.

Ordained Membership

Ordination Credentials are issued to those who have been Licensed through WMF for a period of three years and have completed all the requirements of a WMF Licensed minister. You will need to complete an application and mark at the top that you are applying for Ordination.

Recognition of Ordination

This category of membership is for applicant's presently Ordained elsewhere, who desire membership with WMF. To apply, you must have current Credentials in good standing from a recognized denomination, ministerial group or conference. You are not required by WMF to give up the Credentials you have with other organizations. To have your Ordination recognized, and become a WMF Member, you must submit a completed Membership Application.
To complete the Membership Application Online, just click the button to the left. All documents relating to the application can be uploaded directly to us.
To download the Membership Application, just click the button to the left. You can then mail the application and corresponding documentation to the address listed in this website. Or, you can email the forms and documentation to
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