Make it a Matter of Prayer

II Thess. 3:1: Finally brethren, pray for us that the Word of the Lord may have free course.

The Apostle Paul’s labors advanced the kingdom of God around the world. The hand of the Lord was upon him as he preached, and this evidence is noticeable in each chapter of the book of Acts wherever his name is mentioned. The same Holy Spirit that filled him fills all those who too have been baptized with the Holy Ghost by God. Several members of WMF are traveling presently or will be traveling abroad in the coming days. So please pray for their safety.

Remember Joe and Carolyn Beasley as they fulfill their mission of feeding hungry children and of raising up ministers of the Gospel in the Far East.

Terri Clark returns to East Africa and Jim McCool will return to North Africa. Both of them will encourage ministers, travel to various districts and will teach in local churches.

Brad Spurlock will hold multiple miracle crusades in foreign countries.

Pray for Christians in Indonesia where persecution of them continues. Recently a prominent Pentecostal pastor of a church with several thousand attendees renounced his faith in Christ and converted to Islam.

Do not forget our fellow saints who are incarcerated in Chinese prisons. Currently the government wants to restrict the use of the internet for Christian activity. And soon it may be illegal to use one’s home to meet for bible study with friends.

Vietnamese Christians in certain locations are experiencing revival; but God is pouring out his Spirit powerfully among the Burmese.

The door of evangelism remains open in Central Asia. Opportunities abound. Let us believe God that some WMF members will feel the burden to go there and spy out the lands. Moreover, let us not forget the many who serve full time in evangelistic service and/or on the mission field.

Brother Darrell

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