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Christ’s command to go into all the world placed his disciples under a great obligation. Their desire to fulfill the master’s desires was obvious. He had changed their lives, and so, they wanted to change the lives of others with the same message that radically re-shaped them. They were removed from relative obscurity and sent into the far-flung corners of the earth preaching a Gospel that God confirmed with signs following.

Readers of scripture in every generation have faced the same evangelistic challenge. To be Christian is to be like Christ and like the earliest disciples of Antioch. Every reader, however, has not taken on the task of ‘going’; but many receive a divine unction to ‘send’ others: Bible readers with sensitive hearts usually feel compelled to help others go to the nations.

World Ministry Fellowship is an assembly of ministers who go and do the work of the ministry here and abroad. Most people do it on their own or through their church. Still, there are good reasons for supporting missions through WMF. I will note down three of them. And I would like to encourage you this year to remember WMF’s mission’s department as you continue to uphold Jesus’ command to touch the world with the Kingdom of God message.

  1. We have an expansive view of what is going on throughout WMF. As a result, we can supplement various ministries as they endeavor to fulfil God’s vision for them.

  2. It permits you, as a WMF member, to make monetary resources available to those persons, who too are doing a significant work but, as of now remain outside your circle of friendships and acquaintances.

  3. In addition, as ministers we should be willing to support individuals who work in global fields of interests that are wholly different from the cities and villages in which we labor.

Good things are in the works. Discussions are being held about a WMF Convocation in Uganda that is slated for 2021. Reports of WMF work being done in Malawi is heartening. Parts of Central Asia are experiencing God’s presence. Crusades in prisons in various countries are yielding much fruit. Mass evangelism continues abroad, as well as overseas Pastoral training that is directed by our members. Good news out of Kenya will be shared with you in an upcoming notice. There are people in places in Central and South America that are on fire for God. Folks, God is pouring out his Spirit, and there is no end in sight as to what the King of Kings will do in the coming years. Be encouraged!

Finally, WMF’s Missions celebrations during our 2020 convocation will be powerful. You do not want to miss them.

Brother Darrell

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