The "W" in World Ministry Fellowship

"For who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to instruct Him?" But we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

The “W” in WMF obviously stands for “World” Ministry Fellowship. But as a member of WMF, have you ever wondered how that “W” fits into the bigger WMF picture? What does that part of our fellowship look like?

Well, in addition to many of our members who travel to the nations of the world on short-term missions, we also have many who
live in those nations with their families, answering the call of God to preach the Gospel and labor for His people in the field.

As a missionary myself, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world on short-term missions through my ministry. Recently, while ministering in Uganda, I had the wonderful privilege of wearing my WMF International Missions’ Assistant Director hat and represent WMF on a visit to one of our full-time missionaries, Trevor and Jonna Tychon and thier family. Their ministry is Connect Africa.

Trevor and Connect Africa is a prime example of WMF’s diversity in ministries. While our International fellowship includes those who have evangelistic outreaches, hospitals, schools, orphanages, churches and various other callings to the nations, Connect Africa is very unique. God has given Trevor creative wisdom and guidance, some of which came to him in dreams, to better the lives of those who live in destitute poverty. I didn’t even know what “permaculture technologies” was until Trevor gave us a tour of their facility. I found it altogether amazing, fascinating, and astonishing. In a nutshell, he has found ways to make the best use of what the people in poor villages already have to make their lives better, using their resources to the fullest potential.

For example, channeling rainwater on the land to water crops in dry seasons, creating a more efficient way to cook food with less firewood or charcoal, making bricks that last longer, and don’t have to be fired, for a fraction of the cost of the standard method of mud brick making, using simply designed, portable animal crates to fertilize and clean up the land, while feeding animals at the same time, just to name a few. Besides these innovative and affordable methods of getting the most out of what God has given us, Trevor trains village leaders and others on how to do all of this. I could go on and on about all the different ways he’s found to purify water, and making use of urine from pit latrines for fertilizer—yes, I really said that! Or even using hydroponics to grow amazing vegetable gardens in drought. It is the creative mind of Christ in action! I was completely fascinated and drawn in to these simple and affordable solutions, because as a missionary in Uganda, I deal with these kinds of challenges on a regular basis.

Trevor and Jonna have lived sacrificially for years to serve God in Uganda and other nations—even living without electricity until less than two years ago! Our fellowship is blessed to have this young family working so diligently to bring the Gospel to the underprivileged people of Uganda in word and deed.
I am hoping to have Trevor share some of his wisdom and creative ideas with other missionaries in other underprivileged nations at Convo next year.

It is an honor to see God’s hand at work in our fellowship around the world. Trevor and Jonna are just one example of the mind of Christ at work in His people. We are blessed to have them.

Terri Clark
Assistant Director
International Missions

**Please take a moment and view the pictures of Trevor and his family and the work they are doing in Uganda.
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