Mission Report


Convocation 2019 was a great blessing. All the feedback was encouraging. The Missions’ Panel carefully informed the saints about what the Lord is doing around the globe. During the night-time session Terry Maris yielded to the Holy Spirit, and he, and afterwards, Brother Tracy Harris ministered to many persons as the Holy Spirit swept over the room on an evening that will not be soon forgotten by any attendees.

People to remember in prayer: Brad Spurlock just ministered in London where the Lord moved mightily in services. He presently is in meetings in the Middle East and Africa where he will conduct some salvation/healing crusades in those countries and in other locations.

Robert Mawire will travel to Estonia soon to minister the word of the Lord to hungry saints there. Moreover pray that God’s might would reveal itself again for these brethren as they proclaim the Christ’s Gospel and take it to the nations!


Several supporters of our ministry had prayed for a move of God in their rural college town. On account of our radio broadcast, The Heartland Revival Hour, which airs in eight states, they invited me to come and spend a night and a day proclaiming the word. So about two months ago my wife and I visited there in order to meet and to pray with them about the ‘Fire in the Heartland’ campaign. It was an old-fashioned Salvation/Healing meeting.

The Jesus Movement swept through the district over 50 years ago. Women’s Aglow and the Full Gospel Businessmen once had chapters in the area. Things had died down quite a bit since, with many moving away or having died. Reapers for another spiritual harvest were needed. Folks were hungry for the Lord to return again in power in a special meeting. Advertisement of the gathering was made. Hundreds confirmed their attendance in advance. However, one large fellowship fought the meeting, sending out notices that stated the days of the supernatural were long past. Nonetheless, ‘no weapon formed against us could prosper’, and hundreds of people came from all directions, indeed as far away as Colorado, to a large newly erected steel building on highway I-70.

Praise and worship was led by a young lady from a church named Bethel, in Redding California. The Spirit of the Lord quietly descended upon us all. When I preached on David and Goliath, and tied it all to Jesus’ accomplishment on Calvary’s hill, I could see the conviction of the Holy Ghost upon many souls. And upon issuing the call for salvation and healing, hands went up everywhere and the place erupted with God’s presence.

Sinful people found salvation from their sins; drug addicts received deliverance; afflicted persons all over the building met the Great Physician; young people were set on fire as the Spirit of prophecy challenged them to obey God. One young man from the Democratic Republic of Congo was glad to be in an assembly that reminded him of services in his own country. Late into the night hands were yet being laid on people as they wept and stood there testifying about how the Jesus touched them that night.

To be brief, the Saturday morning Holy Spirit Rally saw 0ver 200 people there to learn about Spirit-filled operations and ministry. I dealt with the basic principles I learned from the book of
The Acts of the Apostles, which I use when conducting evangelistic crusades here in America and abroad, anticipating signs and wonders. Thank the Lord for impartation through revealed truth. Multitudes were filled with the Spirit, speaking with other tongues. Much more could be said of all that God did. But there was one older couple told me with tears in their eyes that a meeting like that one had not been held in the area since the mid-70s. It is believed that this meeting is the beginning of something wonderful for those persons who live in that area. To God be all the glory!

Pray for WMF worldwide missions, and for rural/urban evangelistic outreaches in America!

Brother Darrell

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