Honoring the Lord

‘For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles’, Mal. 1:11

Malachi’s burden was a result of the word of the Lord that burned in his heart. His prophecies concern the respect and honor that Israelites failed to give to God. So blinded by their current desires they were oblivious to the manner in which they mistreated his name. They even dared to ask ‘Wherein have we despised thy name?’ Thankfully God informed them, as he usually does when his covenant-people step out of bounds. The Lord desires that his name be preeminent and prominent in all the earth. Patriarchs, priests, and prophets were responsible to keep the faith. On most occasions they did; but often they did not. Men, women and children learned of God’s precepts as individuals submitted to his will and proclaimed his majesty. From generation to generation they heard that ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…’, so says Ps. 24:1. It is a truth that inhabitants of the earth tend to forget. Some of them have not come to know it yet.

The account of redemption must be told. At the center of the Gospel report is Jesus Christ. When it is announced, powerful things happen. Stories of the miraculous excite one and all. Love for God and the unredeemed is the main reason that I enjoy speaking with God-appointed, missionary-minded persons. The sacrifices made by them to obey the Lord are great and numerous. The January meeting of the Missions’ Board in Dallas proved to be fruitful. Discussions on several topics were had. A number of trips abroad are scheduled for the year by various board members.

During last year’s Convocation a Mission’s panel issued global reports on what God was doing in the spheres in which some WMF members do labor. A similar session will be held during Convocation 2019. Like me, others apparently enjoy hearing all the testimonies. The supernatural activities of the Lord have not waned in these last days. They have increased, and our great God is doing wonderful deeds in the earth.

One proposal that was iterated suggested we attempt to get the youth of WMF churches involved with WMF missions. This action could be achieved by Pastors who encourage their youth to strive to raise funds annually for WMF missions, maybe through a variety of projects. The youth (or representative) then could bring the offerings to Convocation and be recognized on Mission’s night. Moreover, we would like to remind each fellowship to remember WMF missions when each 5
th Sunday approaches. Let us make 2019 a year of fasting and of prayer. Good things are happening. We are pleased with all the reports we receive monthly. Be encouraged: pull hard, the end is almost in sight. Jesus is soon to come. So we must work while the work can be done.

Until the Whole World Knows His Name,
Brother Darrell

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