Now Is the Time for Salvation!

Isa. 49:8; II Cor. 6:2

The commencement of each year brings with it the usual best wishes and desires for health and prosperity for family and friends. Each New Year also becomes the opportunity for the origination of new slogans. As slogans go, these little catchphrases are designed to be remembered, and often are used for fundraising. For those persons, however, who are consumed by a fiery passion for evangelism and missionary work, the merchandising aspect of the use of watchwords is unimportant.

Every year I try to examine the main theme of my life and ministry on account of all outreaches that involve me. It is personal evaluation to see whether or not I fully subscribe to Christ’s verdict ‘not my will but thy will be done’. Sometimes what I learn about myself is alarming, even disturbing, when I permit God to fully reveal what he sees all the while he penetrates the mysteries of my heart. Yet I return again and again to the same verse, ‘Today is the day of salvation’. That means for me each day is a day for crucifying the flesh. Slogans change annually, but the one theme that I hope will prevail over your lives throughout 2018 is the idea that ministers are charged by God to die to self, that WMF members are only in this world for a season (a human lifespan). Every day that we encounter people whom we know and those with whom we are unacquainted, it is an opportunity to explain to them the rudiments of redemption, which is ‘our Father’s will for them in Christ’.

People are troubled by numerous issues in life; solutions are not readily accessible to them, so they think. But knowing the truth as we do, we understand that Christ provides the best answers in the light of his Salvation. It is amazing what God will do when he has a spokesman. King Amaziah sent away thousands of mercenaries that he had hired to fight for him: and this, after he already had paid them millions of dollars to go to war. He incurred a huge financial loss because he obeyed the prophet of God. In the end he received more than he had lost and God gave him a miracle. When we open our mouths to speak for Him, remarkable things happen.

Blessings come in a variety of ways. The anointing of God breaks and destroys burdensome yokes. This fact is verifiable everywhere amid the nations where evangelism occurs. In places around the world where yokes still are employed sometimes the brute strength of oxen are used to break up uncultivated soil. The earth yields the harvest when the top soil becomes productive. So it is with rescuing people with hardened hearts. Rarely does one yoke hold less than two or more persons at the same time. So when we help free a captive to sin, typically we free human hearts, i.e., a marriage, a family and monetary resources et cetera.
2018 likely will reflect the crop of seeds you sowed in previous seasons of ministry. If, however, you want to see God in move in the saving of souls, it is always a great time to inform people that today is their day to be delivered from whatever hinders them from obeying God. Missionary work begins with that announcement.

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