Two by Two

The month of October finds many WMF members in fields of service around the world. Present difficulties with individual health issues or the effects of inclement weather have not discouraged God’s people from attending to Kingdom matters. The desire to fulfill the great commission is an unquenchable passion for those who have had their sins washed away in the blood of Jesus. In this season when so many of our ministers are building schools and medical facilities, teaching ministers abroad, feeding orphans, holding open-air crusades, digging wells and providing financial support to overseas nationals, oh what a joy it is to know that we are doing the works of Jesus amid all these things.
On one occasion, Jesus sent his workers into towns and villages two-by-two. People were set free from demon power, others were healed. All were edified. The two-by-two arrangement affords mutual reinforcement for Jesus’ witnesses. God certainly gives boldness; but it is also a blessing to have another person with you to give you confidence and to witness the signs and wonders that will attend the proclamation of the Gospel. Now is not the time to close your mouth, but to speak loudly. Paul and Silas prayed and praised in prison. All the prisoners were freed by their audacious act. Despite prisoner belief in Roman gods and cults, the two Apostles made God’s name great in the earth where they were dwelling: a prison.
The Lord expects no less from us who are free. Somebody’s deliverance is dependent upon what you will do. So pray and praise Him in good times and in bad ones, but always evangelize, whether it is achieved in prayer, sermon or in song!

Brother Darrell

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