Tell The Good News to Everyone

A common occurrence in the Acts of the Apostles involves Paul’s co-workers. Upon his return from traveling and spreading the good news, he had the habit of assembling believers in one location and reporting on what God had done for them recently on the mission field. They always had something to say because they were busy sowing God’s word in harvest fields abroad. Dangers lurked everywhere. Undoubtedly their journeys were plagued with difficulties (see II Cor. 11); but their testimonies, when told to others, brought smiles to the faces of those who heard them.

A testimony is a survival motif. It is an account that endures whether someone passes a ‘test’ in life circumstances or through deadly events. Paul charged Timothy to “be faithful unto death”. If believers are alive, then they should be yet trusting God. Oh what a joy it is to serve alongside men and women who love the Lord, whose reliance upon him is exemplary.

The January missions’ board meeting was fruitful. Testimonies of God’s faithfulness abounds. The accounts made us all smile. During the July convocation there will be a panel discussion: WMF attendees will hear of God’s mighty outstretched arm, as it has been used in these last days to reach down from heaven into the earth-realm in order to perform His mighty deeds. God is good!

We hope to see you there

Brother Darrell

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