Dreams of a New Beginning

Mat. 1: 20-24

Ministers do not get to do things over very often. As a rule they must live with decisions they make, whether they are good or bad ones. There are exceptions, however. And that is what the passage above covers. Sometimes men of God can be stubborn. In those times, occasionally, the Lord commences to set us on an altogether different course. It is one of the great mercies of God that he does so. Joseph had heard from Mary what, seemingly, was the most unrealistic story he had heard in his lifetime: ‘she was pregnant and God was the Father of the child’. Joseph was not biblically uninformed; he was of King David’s lineage.

Joseph knew about God’s power to help barren women in the Old Testament accounts, but he was unaware of God ever aiding someone in this manner; and he certainly did not think that God would intervene so personally in his own life. Still, he was DETERMINED to cut ties with Mary. He gave a lot of thought to how to end the relationship. And this parting was to be accomplished without bringing shame to her (1:19). He was a good man, so says the Bible.

There is no doubt he was disappointed, hurt, angry etc. How would you have reacted to the “good” news? Here then we have an important teaching-point to mull over, one illustrating that even our best conceived plans may be out of the divine order that God wants for us’. Joseph thought of this issue by day and by night. One night, though, heaven sent an angel to inform him that God indeed was the primary actor in this scenario and that he, Joseph, must repent of his ways and change course now. Further instruction was given to him in the dream, to which he complied when he arose (1:24). There is no indication how long the dream lasted. Yet one dream changed him, and altered how he viewed God, his redemptive plan and his divine actions in his life.

There are times when ministers are headstrong too. In those cases, what we need is a visitation from God to change our ways. Change is not always a bad thing. To give an example, we often do not listen to our spouses, taking them and their concerns for granted or even wholly disbelieving what they say. Divine intervention is required to prevent us from permanently removing ourselves from some very significant plans that God may have for us. After all, God-possessed wives are smart. Instead of dreaming of how to get out of a situation, maybe we should begin to dream about how to make the dream a reality with the Lord’s help. Maybe then our ministries will attain [miraculous] spiritual births, and there will be greater manifestations of Christ’s glory in our ministry.

The kind of leadership that God needs could do with humble men and women who not inflexible in their viewpoints, but willing to go on with God and accomplish his mission in the earth, which is ‘
to see Jesus save people from their sins’. That italicized sentence is the cusp and core of WMF missions.

May the King of Kings bless all our WMF ministers as each of them pursues their dreams of a new beginning with God in 2019!

Brother Darrell

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