Supporting WMF Missions

Christ’s command to go into all the world placed his disciples under a great obligation. Their desire to fulfill the master’s desires was obvious. He had changed their lives, and so, they wanted to change the lives of others with the same message that radically re-shaped them. They were removed from relative obscurity and sent into the far-flung corners of the earth preaching a Gospel that God confirmed with signs following.

Readers of scripture in every generation have faced the same evangelistic challenge. To be Christian is to be like Christ and like the earliest disciples of Antioch. Every reader, however, has not taken on the task of ‘going’; but many receive a divine unction to ‘send’ others: Bible readers with sensitive hearts usually feel compelled to help others go to the nations.

World Ministry Fellowship is an assembly of ministers who go and do the work of the ministry here and abroad. Most people do it on their own or through their church. Still, there are good reasons for supporting missions through WMF. I will note down three of them. And I would like to encourage you this year to remember WMF’s mission’s department as you continue to uphold Jesus’ command to touch the world with the Kingdom of God message.

  1. We have an expansive view of what is going on throughout WMF. As a result, we can supplement various ministries as they endeavor to fulfil God’s vision for them.

  2. It permits you, as a WMF member, to make monetary resources available to those persons, who too are doing a significant work but, as of now remain outside your circle of friendships and acquaintances.

  3. In addition, as ministers we should be willing to support individuals who work in global fields of interests that are wholly different from the cities and villages in which we labor.

Good things are in the works. Discussions are being held about a WMF Convocation in Uganda that is slated for 2021. Reports of WMF work being done in Malawi is heartening. Parts of Central Asia are experiencing God’s presence. Crusades in prisons in various countries are yielding much fruit. Mass evangelism continues abroad, as well as overseas Pastoral training that is directed by our members. Good news out of Kenya will be shared with you in an upcoming notice. There are people in places in Central and South America that are on fire for God. Folks, God is pouring out his Spirit, and there is no end in sight as to what the King of Kings will do in the coming years. Be encouraged!

Finally, WMF’s Missions celebrations during our 2020 convocation will be powerful. You do not want to miss them.

Brother Darrell

Central Asian Report

Some diary notes: God is doing amazing things in the earth today through his people. Christians, filled with faith, are making remarkable contributions to the advancement of the kingdom of God. In recent days, The Lord proved those two facts to me again.

In late Summer I traveled to Almaty, Kazakhstan with a fellow Arabic speaking minister, whom I have known for decades, to teach in a Pentecostal Bible school and to minister in Russian and Kazakh speaking services. Once there I found myself recalling the hundreds of ministers I met through the decades who never owned a car, but on foot or on bicycle made their way over mountain passes and through valleys in order to preach to hundreds or handfuls of God’s choicen servants that were scattered within villages that dotted the hillsides. Similar to banishment to the Siberian plains long ago, this Central Asian region was used initially by early Russian government officials as a place to imprison political dissidents. It was too far away from the major cities for escapees to return easily.

I was hosted by two individuals. The one was the national leader of his Pentecostal denomination; the other, a brother who has started more than 130 independent Kazakh speaking churches. These fellowships, particularly the ones connected to the latter host, encompass the territories of China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other provinces of Central Asia. I attended the Central Asian World Prayer Conference at the largest Pentecostal fellowship in the city. Leaders from Russia, Ukraine and all the countries of Central Asia appeared and provided regional reports of God’s divine operations in their regions. More than 600 Apostles/Pastor/leaders encouraged the saints and led the attendees in intercession for various districts.

The Full Gospel message is not strongly established in all the Pentecostal denominations of this region. Even still, God did pour out his Spirit mightily during our visit. I had been asked to spend 5 hours a day training students on ‘how to plant home-churches in Muslim provinces’. Several of them were Muslim-background believers. The truths I shared with them were formed during the many years I was in church-planting ministry among Muslims on the Arabian continent and in the Black Sea region. The student’s eyes were opened to the likelihood of manifestations of God’s power as they labored, and to the probability of persecution for bearing the name of Jesus in a Communistic/Islamic environment.

The church services were filled with exuberant worshippers. Men and women were hungry for the milk and meat of God’s word. In the Russian speaking service, the redemptive work of Christ was clearly described by me. Many tears were shed. Several were saved. Scores came forward to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. God answered the cry of their heart, with many being filled and speaking in other tongues as smiles appeared on their faces. While I was in a hallway speaking with some saints afterward, I heard the Pastor mention my name. He was telling congregants that I would lay hands on a few of them and pray for their healing. About 20 got in line. Ministering with my interpreter, I laid hands on the first one, she screamed ‘I’m healed’: 100 more jumped out of their seats and got in the prayer line. Every kind of infirmity and disease came through the line. One by one God destroyed yokes of sickness. That meeting ran over into the afternoon Kazakh church service where I was scheduled already to preach a Holy Spirit rally/miracle service.

Suffice it to say by day’s end I was exhausted. All in all, it was a great joy to be with them in worship. At other times, too, there were periods of refreshment and encouragement for me. One of them was when one Kazakh student told me of the dream that brought her to the saving knowledge of Jesus. She said that she had been born into a Muslim home. While her mother was slowly dying a number of years ago, she, the daughter, had a dream that she was in the midst of a body of water. On her left side was a boat in which Muhammad stood beckoning her to come. On the other side of her was a ship with the words ‘Christianity’ inscribed on it. On it, Jesus stood therein motioning for her to come aboard. She said that she swam to Jesus and never looked back. Since that day Jesus has been her Lord. She immediately shared the dream with her Russian speaking boyfriend. He converted immediately, and now they are on track to preach to Muslims in rural Kazakstan. Much more can be said, but the King of Kings yet reigns. Pray for World Ministry Fellowship members as they labor around the world.

Brother Darrell

Faith and Fear And Missions

These two terms are not compatible with each other. In the presence of either the other cannot survive. If you have faith, fear shrivels and dies. If you have fear faith shrivels and dies. I learned these truths while on a mission trip.

It was in the early 1980’s, my first out of the U. S. A. Mission trip. My oldest brother, Pastor David T. Freeman, invited me to go deep into the country of Mexico. He was a seasoned missions preacher and teacher. I felt safe with him. We had stops in Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, and the beautiful Mexico City. We ministered together in many places and many churches. We saw people come to salvation. Many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. And, there were healings! Oh yes, the healings.

I never liked flying in an airplane. I was scared before I got in one. I was a nervous wreck while flying. I couldn’t enjoy the ministry because all I could think of was, “I have to get back in an airplane to get home.” Instead of having a great time with my brother and some other ministers I knew it would be two weeks of nervous “semi” fear and faith-filled sermons, laughs, and headaches, and upset get the picture.

It didn’t help that we were flying what my brother jokingly called “Treetop Airlines”. He had been in these places on many occasions and he recounted stories of almost hitting trees as they flew over the mountains in this part of the Spanish speaking world. That did not help me one bit. It just made my little secret fear much worse. I couldn’t begin to tell these other “men of faith” that David’s little brother was full of fear.

As we approached a mountain range on the way in to a certain city the plane began to shake as the wind currents pushed from underneath. I remember that in that moment I thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t even realize that hands had gripped the back of the seat in front of me. I was squeezing so tightly my entire hand had turned a yellowish white. My face must have had terror written all over it because my brother interrupted my fear with a loud voice and said, “Paul...Paul...what’s wrong with you?” I said, “David I’m so scared.” My brother didn’t pull my hand away from the seat. He didn’t laugh at me. But with the Spirit of Almighty God he quietly and firmly said, “Paul you have nothing to fear. You’re on a mission from God. He’ll take care of you.” Then he put his hand on top of my bloodless hand and said, “This is the last time the devil gets to you about this fear”. And just like that it was gone. From that day until this I have never feared flying and God has taken me all over the world...without fear!

I saw Faith in action become reality on a mission trip so many years ago. I have passed up a lot of opportunities to be filled with fear in many countries around the world. Alarming things have happened to me since then but I can still hear my brother praying with me on that Mexican Airlines airplane...Paul you have nothing to fear. You’re on a mission from God!

And so are you. Get out there and do what God has called you to do. Don’t let the devil (that’s what fear is, Paul called it, “the spirit of fear” ) stop you. Let faith rise in your born again spirit. Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and do what he tells you to do.

~ Paul Freeman

Mission Report


Convocation 2019 was a great blessing. All the feedback was encouraging. The Missions’ Panel carefully informed the saints about what the Lord is doing around the globe. During the night-time session Terry Maris yielded to the Holy Spirit, and he, and afterwards, Brother Tracy Harris ministered to many persons as the Holy Spirit swept over the room on an evening that will not be soon forgotten by any attendees.

People to remember in prayer: Brad Spurlock just ministered in London where the Lord moved mightily in services. He presently is in meetings in the Middle East and Africa where he will conduct some salvation/healing crusades in those countries and in other locations.

Robert Mawire will travel to Estonia soon to minister the word of the Lord to hungry saints there. Moreover pray that God’s might would reveal itself again for these brethren as they proclaim the Christ’s Gospel and take it to the nations!


Several supporters of our ministry had prayed for a move of God in their rural college town. On account of our radio broadcast, The Heartland Revival Hour, which airs in eight states, they invited me to come and spend a night and a day proclaiming the word. So about two months ago my wife and I visited there in order to meet and to pray with them about the ‘Fire in the Heartland’ campaign. It was an old-fashioned Salvation/Healing meeting.

The Jesus Movement swept through the district over 50 years ago. Women’s Aglow and the Full Gospel Businessmen once had chapters in the area. Things had died down quite a bit since, with many moving away or having died. Reapers for another spiritual harvest were needed. Folks were hungry for the Lord to return again in power in a special meeting. Advertisement of the gathering was made. Hundreds confirmed their attendance in advance. However, one large fellowship fought the meeting, sending out notices that stated the days of the supernatural were long past. Nonetheless, ‘no weapon formed against us could prosper’, and hundreds of people came from all directions, indeed as far away as Colorado, to a large newly erected steel building on highway I-70.

Praise and worship was led by a young lady from a church named Bethel, in Redding California. The Spirit of the Lord quietly descended upon us all. When I preached on David and Goliath, and tied it all to Jesus’ accomplishment on Calvary’s hill, I could see the conviction of the Holy Ghost upon many souls. And upon issuing the call for salvation and healing, hands went up everywhere and the place erupted with God’s presence.

Sinful people found salvation from their sins; drug addicts received deliverance; afflicted persons all over the building met the Great Physician; young people were set on fire as the Spirit of prophecy challenged them to obey God. One young man from the Democratic Republic of Congo was glad to be in an assembly that reminded him of services in his own country. Late into the night hands were yet being laid on people as they wept and stood there testifying about how the Jesus touched them that night.

To be brief, the Saturday morning Holy Spirit Rally saw 0ver 200 people there to learn about Spirit-filled operations and ministry. I dealt with the basic principles I learned from the book of
The Acts of the Apostles, which I use when conducting evangelistic crusades here in America and abroad, anticipating signs and wonders. Thank the Lord for impartation through revealed truth. Multitudes were filled with the Spirit, speaking with other tongues. Much more could be said of all that God did. But there was one older couple told me with tears in their eyes that a meeting like that one had not been held in the area since the mid-70s. It is believed that this meeting is the beginning of something wonderful for those persons who live in that area. To God be all the glory!

Pray for WMF worldwide missions, and for rural/urban evangelistic outreaches in America!

Brother Darrell

The "W" in World Ministry Fellowship

"For who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to instruct Him?" But we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

The “W” in WMF obviously stands for “World” Ministry Fellowship. But as a member of WMF, have you ever wondered how that “W” fits into the bigger WMF picture? What does that part of our fellowship look like?

Well, in addition to many of our members who travel to the nations of the world on short-term missions, we also have many who
live in those nations with their families, answering the call of God to preach the Gospel and labor for His people in the field.

As a missionary myself, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world on short-term missions through my ministry. Recently, while ministering in Uganda, I had the wonderful privilege of wearing my WMF International Missions’ Assistant Director hat and represent WMF on a visit to one of our full-time missionaries, Trevor and Jonna Tychon and thier family. Their ministry is Connect Africa.

Trevor and Connect Africa is a prime example of WMF’s diversity in ministries. While our International fellowship includes those who have evangelistic outreaches, hospitals, schools, orphanages, churches and various other callings to the nations, Connect Africa is very unique. God has given Trevor creative wisdom and guidance, some of which came to him in dreams, to better the lives of those who live in destitute poverty. I didn’t even know what “permaculture technologies” was until Trevor gave us a tour of their facility. I found it altogether amazing, fascinating, and astonishing. In a nutshell, he has found ways to make the best use of what the people in poor villages already have to make their lives better, using their resources to the fullest potential.

For example, channeling rainwater on the land to water crops in dry seasons, creating a more efficient way to cook food with less firewood or charcoal, making bricks that last longer, and don’t have to be fired, for a fraction of the cost of the standard method of mud brick making, using simply designed, portable animal crates to fertilize and clean up the land, while feeding animals at the same time, just to name a few. Besides these innovative and affordable methods of getting the most out of what God has given us, Trevor trains village leaders and others on how to do all of this. I could go on and on about all the different ways he’s found to purify water, and making use of urine from pit latrines for fertilizer—yes, I really said that! Or even using hydroponics to grow amazing vegetable gardens in drought. It is the creative mind of Christ in action! I was completely fascinated and drawn in to these simple and affordable solutions, because as a missionary in Uganda, I deal with these kinds of challenges on a regular basis.

Trevor and Jonna have lived sacrificially for years to serve God in Uganda and other nations—even living without electricity until less than two years ago! Our fellowship is blessed to have this young family working so diligently to bring the Gospel to the underprivileged people of Uganda in word and deed.
I am hoping to have Trevor share some of his wisdom and creative ideas with other missionaries in other underprivileged nations at Convo next year.

It is an honor to see God’s hand at work in our fellowship around the world. Trevor and Jonna are just one example of the mind of Christ at work in His people. We are blessed to have them.

Terri Clark
Assistant Director
International Missions

**Please take a moment and view the pictures of Trevor and his family and the work they are doing in Uganda.
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