World Ministry Fellowship Missions

The Missions Department of World Ministry Fellowship is growing and expanding daily under the leadership of our International Missions Director, Darrell Sutton. He along with Assistant Director Terri Clark and the Missions Board (named below) are actively promoting WMF world wide to gather like-minded ministers and join with them to spread the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world.

Along with those efforts, we are also partnering with and supporting WMF Members here in America as they "go into all the world." Currently we support our missionaries stationed in Uganda, Guatemala, Brazil as well as countless others who are going in and out of different countries on a regular basis.

Your ongoing support and donations to the Missions ministry at World Ministry Fellowship is being used mightily to advance the Kingdom of God. We ask that you take a special "WMF Missions" offering on the Fifth Sundays of every month and send to the Missions office. This will allow us to continue to grow and support our members and missionaries abroad.
WMF Missions Board
Darrell Sutton - International Missions Director
Terri Clark - Assistant Missions Director
Norma Arce
Mathew Kuruvilla
Dwayne Lusk
Robert Mawire
Jim McCool
Charles Rogers
Africa Bureau
Executive Board
Bishop Dr. Floribert Mawit - All Africa Director
Bishop Laurent Do Rego
Bishop Josu
é Ahounou
Rev. Dr. Benedictus Genty Bulu
Bishop Apotra Raoul Akoa
Rev. Ndedi Clarisse Derboise
Rev. Zouam Eddy
Bishop General Sony Kafuta Rockman
Bishop Jean Desire Bansenga
Mrs. Mboum Epse Bapeck Veronique Virginie

Regional Office of WMF Africa
Bishop Dr. Floribert Mawit
Bishop Laurent Do Rego
Bishop Godwin Nnaji
Bishop Samuel Ukaegbu
Bishop Jonathan Mahuela
Bishop General Sony Kafuta
Bishop Jean D
ésire Bansenga
Bishop Apotra Raoul Akoa Manga
Dr. Alphonse Essomba
Rev. Ndedi Clarisse Derboise
Rev. Zoom Z'obo Eddy
Rev. Dr. Benedictus Genty Bulu
Bishop Andrade Kakutalua
Archi Bishop Venassie Mibenge
Bishop Edward Namunyu
Rev. Dr. Barrot Pene
Rev. Thelma Do Rego

National Directors
Bishop Apotra Raoul Akoa Manga/Dr. Essomba Alphonse
Bishop Laurent Do Rego/Rev. Guindjoumbi Michel
Bishop General Sony Kafuta Rockman/Bishop Jonathan Mahuela
Bishop Joshua Ahounou/Rev. Charles Sezan
Bishop John Desire Bansenga/Rev. Alain Ossele
Bishop Samuel Ukaegbu/Bishop Godwin Nnaji
Bishop Andrade Kakutalua
ArchiBishop Venassie Mibenge
Bishop Edward Namunyu
Francis DoRego
Pene Borrot
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